Wednesday, December 26, 2012

He Said, She Said

I'm usually a good listener and for the most part, if you're speaking with me, you have my full attention in that moment. But once in awhile...I'll find myself distracted with the little details of everything that's around me. A lot of those times its for good reason, because I see a lot of the interesting moments in life when I pay attention to those "little details." Below are two scenes I witnessed in my daily errands. 

I saw this scene below at Pangea Bakery where I like to draw and work on art stuff...

...and I saw this scene here at the local Petco where I shop for crickets...for my frog. Sigh...boys will be boys.


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Its In Her Eyes

I remember reading The Great Gatsby when I was in high school and not really understanding why the characters did what they did. I guess it was just a world that was too far removed from my life as a kid. I read the novel again when I was older and the actions and thought processes of the characters made so much more sense.

I'm slowly at the point where I'm looking for artwork and photography to decorate my blank walls in my house. I wanted to start off with the wet bar area. I've always loved the original painting for The Great Gatsby cover, "Celestial Eyes" by Francis Cugat. It had a haunting quality to it, the eyes in the painting always looked so sad. I thought the original artwork would be cool to have up, but decided to recreate it with my own interpretation in order to have a more personal touch to it. I want all the art and photography in my house to have a personal touch or connection. Below is my own take of Cugat's painting.

I wanted the eyes to have a more confident look and the female figures in the pupils were updated. I added my beloved San Diego skyline at the bottom too. Save, Print, Frame.

Wet Bar Art...done.

"Celestial Eyes" by Fracis Cugat