Tuesday, April 14, 2009


DrawerGeeks! has put up its next subject: Candyland.

My piece is below. Decided to do the whole thing in Illustrator this time and had a fun time doing it. I wouldn't mind having a gummy bear tree.

Click this link to check out what the professionals did.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Business of Bugs

I'm constantly impressed by great ideas that utilize great creativity. I especially admire them if they're able to develop into a business that is both profitable and growing. Giant Microbes is a business that's been around for awhile now and I remember them garnering my interest in the past, but I've only just recently truly looked into the website and seen their whole catalog.

Giant Microbes are just giant microbial organisms turned into cute plush toys. The idea is simple and extremely creative. The market meets both the novelty crowd as well as the scientific community. I personally work in a science background so I can see how these soft cute microorganisms sell to the scientists and science teachers alike.

A co-worker of mine purchased himself nice set of E.coli that came brilliantly packaged in a cool "petri dish" case. The catalog is constantly expanding with the never ending amount of microorganisms that exist and that, I believe, is one of the strengths of this business. Looking to give someone the Flu? How about an Earache? Or why not some Bad Breath and a Pimple?