Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fairy Tales in Taipei

I've been on vacation in Asia for the last week or so. I had the chance to visit the ever bustling Hong Kong and now I'm in Taipei, Taiwan. On the plan ride over to Taipei, I read an ad in the in-flight magazine on an exhibit at a nearby museum on the Art of Disney. The first free moment I got, I went out there and checked it out.

At the National Museum of History in Taipei, from now until mid March, you can go see some of the behind the scenes, sketches, designs, notes, and all other kinds of fun little bits of information on some of Disney's most famous fairy tales. Ranging from Snow White all the way to Tangled, you can get a really unique perspective of these films. I'm a sucker for sketches and notes on designs of animations and films so I had a really good time. No pictures inside the exhibit though...:(