Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back At It

Inspiration comes in so many forms and methods. I never know when something is going to inspire me or when my creativity is going to be sparked. I kind of like it that way. Whenever I do get inspired, I've learned over the years to run with it right there and then. It can up and leave just as randomly as it comes, and all you're left with is what you managed to create during that time. Even if its not great or something I'm extremely proud of, just creating something always pays off even if its just a small sketch. I've come to the point where some of my old sketches and doodles inspire me now, you just never know.

Here's a quick design I did after chatting with my friends about creating game apps for smart phones. After reading about crazy success stories about the guys behind Angry Birds, we started brainstorming just for fun. Even if this may never bloom into something real, I still had fun with it. That's probably the best part about it all.